Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Mother Mary’s Pre-School (NSP-W)

Nursery kids were very happy to colour diya using different colours. Junior kg students took active participation in Diya colouring activity. Senior kg students enjoyed making paper roll crackers activity. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Firstep Pre-School (Indralok Bhayandar-E)
Diya Decoration

Children were doing activity of Diya Decoration with glitters, bindis, mirrors, crayons etc. 
Firstep Pre-School (Indralok Bhayandar-E)
Dussehra Celebration

Firstep Pre-School students celebrated Dussehra. Teacher explain the story why Ravan was burn? Children enjoy the day. Ravan statue was displayed for the children. 
Firstep Pre-School (Indralok Bhayandar-E)
Garba Celebration

Children & Teachers wore Garba costume and were looking very gorgeous. Parents were very happy seeing their children playing Garba. 
Firstep Pre-School (Indralok Bhayandar-E)
Abdul Kalam Birthday Celebration

Children celebrate Late Abdul Kalam’s Birthday on     15th October 2015. It was celebrated as No Bags Day. Children were divided into groups. Each group had an activity. Children enjoy the day and it was a remembrance.